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 Swimming Pool Closings


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Swimming Pool Closing Service

A Pool Closing Service Done Professionally Makes All Of The Difference From The Hamptons To Brooklyn


Long Island Pool Company serves all of Long Island New York. 
While have bases in Northport NY 11768, Hampton Bays NY 11946, and Freeport NY 11520, and Manhasset NY 11030, we serve all of Long Island NY when it comes to pool repairs and closings.
The most crucial reason for winterizing an inground or above ground swimming pool is to prevent the  damage that freezing water can do to the pool, pumps, water lines, and other components, which can seriously damage those parts.  When you have your pool closed properly you can be assured that opening it in the spring will be much easier.  The professional team at Long Island Pool stands out among pool companies that handle all swimming pool closings because we communicate with you about how you want everything and about what we recommend.


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One of the things that we do when we in the winterize and close a pool is to balance the water chemistry.  The ph, alkalinity, and hardness should  all be balanced.  Water that is properly balanced will stay ready for preparation in the spring and it won’t damage the surfaces of the pool either.  One of the most important reason to use a professional pool company for your closings is to make sure that the water doesn’t freeze.  When the water freezes, it can expand and create damage to the components of the pool including the walls of the pool, it’s plumbing, and the filter system.  For this reason extra chemicals are added and the pump is removed in most climates, even Florida.  The Long Island Pool Company has been closing swimming pools in Northport, Syosset, Huntington, Dix Hills, Woodbury, Fort Salonga, Malvern, Brookville, Oyster Bay, the Hamptons, the North Fork, Garden City, and everywhere else on Long Island for over thirty years.


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Long Island Pool Offers Pool Closing Service In Huntington Dix Hills East Northport Commack Syosset Woodbury Oyster Bay And Beyond !


At the Long Island Pool Company, we know how much you have invested in your swimming pool.  We also know that most people want to enjoy their pool and be bothered spending alot of time worrying about the calcium content or alkalinity levels.  Unless you happen to be one of the homeowners that enjoys taking care of their pool, and is one of the “hobby pool” enthusiasts, you probably have other things to do.  If you do your own service, please keep in mind that we are always here to help, and to offer our professional advise or opinion at any time.  Our experienced and valued staff has many years of taking care of the pool on Long Island and we know the pools of Huntington, Fort Salonga, Port Washington, Centerreach, Dix Hills, Melville, Farmingdale, Oyster Bay, Woodbury, Southampton, Cutchogue, Westhampton, as well as anyone.  Please call us for pricing or to schedule a closing if you have questions or are simply considering having your pool professionally closed this year.

Proper Swimming Pool Closing Service

Closing a swimming pool is a relatively straightforward process, but it is important to know what you are doing and to take the time to do it right.  Although many people will be reluctant to close their pool and may wait until the temperatures are cold enough to freeze outside water, it is important to go through the pool closing steps much sooner than this so that you don’t get caught off guard.  Whether you are thinking about closing your pool yourself, or hiring a professional swimming pool closing service company such as Long Island Pool, the information below will help you to understand the steps to a successful pool closing.  

1. Chemistry of The Pool Water– The ph levels, calcium, and TA or total alkalinity should be checked when closing a pool.  The will protect the surface ares of the pool from staining, scratches, and other irregularities.  Long Island Pool Company will add the right amount of each ingredient when you obtain us for your pool closing service.

2. Oxidizing Tables:  We recommend against the use of strong oxidizer floaters that contain such as chlorine or bromine when closing a pool. In many cases, the use of a chemical floating tablet will actually cause more problems than if you didn’t use one.  If you have a vinyl liner the use of a chemical table because they can cause disintegration of the liner, or discoloration at the least.

3.  Water Freezing:  The possibility of frozen water in a swimming pool is the main reason to have a professional swimming pool service close your pool.  Frozen water can lead to frozen pipes and damage the entire pool.  If the water freezes to any depth within the pool, it can also crack the walls of the pool and lead serious damage.  When this occurs, your pool will need major repairs in order to be usable again.  For this reason, we strongly recommend having your pool professionally closed.  You have too much money and time invested in your swimming pool to risk having it destroyed because of an improper closing.  Call The Long Island Pool Company For The Highest Quality Of Pool Closing Service !          (631)  276 – 1800

4. Lower Water Levels:  The water level of a swimming pool should be lowered below the skimmer boxes when a pool is closed. The reason for this is to keep the water from freezing and to keep any debris from getting trapped there.  Because it is so important to keep your pool water from freezing, lowering the water level is always a crucial step.

5. Aquador:  An Aquador is a plastic piece that fits into the openings of the skimmer boxes.  It keeps water from entering a skimmer box, and this in turn keeps any water from freezing inside the internal plumbing of the swimming pool, and allows a person to control the water within the pool.

6. Drainage:  It is crucial to drain all of the water from the pumps and the filters of a swimming pool when doing a closing.

a. Plug the main drain of the pool. In above ground pools you should plug the main return valve.

b. Disconnect the hoses:  Hoses should be disconnected from the pump and filter system in order ensure proper water drainage.

c. Open the filter plug:  It is crucial to drain any water that may be inside the filter. The multiport valve should be turned to the closed or “winterize” position.  The Pressure gauge should also be removed.

d. Remove the plugs and drain the pump. Your water pump may have either one or two plugs in most cases. The pump should be completely drained, and you can turn it upside down to help ensure that it empties completely. You can turn the pump on for one or two seconds to ensure that all of the water has been removed.  However, BE CAREFUL NOT TO RUN THE PUMP FOR MORE THAN JUST A MOMENT BECAUSE THE PUMP MOTOR COULD BURN OUT.  The pump should then be placed in a warm environment for the winter such as a basement.  It is not recommended to leave it outside or in a shed.

e. Remove all chemicals such as chlorine and bromine tablets out of the dispensary unit. Leaving chemicals in the pool or it’s component can cause corrosion and damage. Drain the chemical feeder when you have finished emptying the unit.

f. Place the plugs in the pump basket. It should be easier to keep track of the plugs for when you will need them at the start of next season.

g. Remove the pressure gauge and place it in a warm, location where it will not get damaged.  It is important to keep the pressure gauge warm and dry so that it does not get damaged. Freezing water can break the gauge, so be sure that it is kept dry.

Although we put these pointers here in order to help pool owners have a complete understanding of the swimming pool closing process, we are always available to do the work for you !  We serve all of Long Island, including but not limited to East Hampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Jamesport, Cutchogue, Mattituck, Port Jefferson, Ridge, Selden, Commack, Huntington, Garden City, Manhasset, Easthampton ny 11937, cedar shingle cleaning for port jefferson ny 11777, Hampton Bays ny 11946, Huntington 11741, Sayville ny 11782, Woodbury ny 11797, Dix Hills new york 11747, Great Neck 11022, Kings Point, Sandy Point, Sandy Hook, Lloyd Harbor new york 11743, Brookville new york  11545, Manhasset, Port Washington ny 11051, Rockville Center 11571, Rockville Center ny 11571, Westhampton 11977, Easthampton NY 11937, Oyster Bay NY 11771, Smithtown new york 11788, Levitown ny 11756, or East Northport 111731.  Our professional pool technicians have years of experience in closing all kinds of pools and we will explain the process and show you just how we like to do things while we are there.  Or simply step aside and do whatever it is that you need to do.  Call Us Any Time To Schedule Your Pool Closing Service Today !                                           (631)  276 – 1800

7. Drain the chemical feeder and the automatic cleaner pump, heating system,  and any other filter components that have water in them.

8. Remove excess water from the plumbing lines. A shop vac or an air compressor can be used to blow out any of the excess water from the pools plumbing lines. The discharge can be blown out after the pump and filter is removed. After the water is removed from each line you should put a plug in the end of the line. A threaded plug is always the best bet if your lines are fitted for them. It is important to use an “o” ring or a gasket with the plug also. A special rubber freeze plug can also be used.

9. Pool Cover:  The proper placement of your swimming pool cover after everything else has been done is the usually done last.  This is the most important step, however, and is done to prevent debris, dirt, and any other unnecessary substances or debris from damaging your swimming pool during the winter months.  We can help you purchase a pool cover also if you want and our prices are excellent ! Another important item that is used for soft covers that don’t lock down tight are air pillows.  Air pillows can keep a soft cover from sagging down onto the pool water.

The team at Long Island Pool Company wants to earn your business.  We strive to do the best that we can on every job. Our swimming pool service is guaranteed, and that means that if you ever dissatisfied for any reason we will come right back. We want to earn your repeat business, though, so please be sure that we can also provide exceptional weekly pool service. We serve all of Long Island and can be at your house in Quogue, East Quogue, Northport 11768 Manorville new york 11949,  Lindenhurst ny 11757, Massapequa ny 11758, Commack ny 11752,Westhampton ny 11977, East Hampton ny 11937, Port Jefferson ny 11777, Huntington 11743, Sayville ny 11782,  Woodbury ny 11797, Dix Hills new york 11747, Great Neck 11022, Lloyd Harbor 11743, Brookville 11545, Manhasset 11030, Port Washington ny 11051, Rockville center ny 11571, Westhampton 11977, Easthampton NY 11937, Oyster Bay NY 11771 to name just a few !  Please call us any time no matter where you are on Long Island.                                (631)  276 – 1800

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***   Conditions apply to the $ 250. swimming pool closing service special pricing.  Prices may be higher for larger pools, pools with heating systems, salt water pools, multiple pumps, pools in outer lying areas, pools with hot tubs, and other possible circumstances.