Salt Cleaning Systems

salt water cleaning system for swimming pools

Salt Cleaning Systems

In recent years, a wonderful new technology has brought the ocean to backyard swimming pool as more an mre people invest in a salt water pool. The idea and use of swimming pools that were cleaned by salt water first came into wide usage in Australia, but it was not until after the year 2000 that saltwater cleaning systems for pools started to become popular in the United States. Chlorine additives came into widespread use to clean and disinfect swimming pools in the 1950’s because it would kill any harmful bacteria. The development of technology that permits a conversion of salt into chlorine has revolutionized the way that Americans use their swimming pools. In the year 2000, only about 40,000 swimming pools in the United States had salt water cleaning systems. Now, more than 1.5 million swimming pools have salt cleaning systems instead of straight chlorine cleaning systems. If you are considering a salt cleaning system for your swimming pool and you live anywhere on Long Island, we are available to discuss with you the benefits and costs of one of these great environmentally friendly systems. Please contact us at Long Island Pool Company any time if you are considering a salt water cleaning system and would care for more information or pricing. (631) 276 – 1800



Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

According to swimming pool industry news sources, about seventy percent of all new in ground pools use salt cleaning systems today. The fast evolution of use away from chlorine only pool sanitation to salt cleaning pool systems demonstrates the fact that of owning a salt water pool has more advantages than drawbacks. When a home owner considers an investment in a salt cleaning system for their pool, it can be helpful for them to consider the benefits that these units offer, who will do the installation, what the financial costs are, the maintenance of the pool, and how it will affect ones potential overall enjoyment of the swimming pool experience. After weighing these factors, many people have found that installing a new salt cleaning system for your gunite or liner swimming pool makes alot of sense, both financially, and environmentally. Considering the fact that pools with salt water cleaning systems are currently not as common as fresh water pools, many people are likely not aware of all of the good points that come with installing a saltwater pool in the backyard. After considering some of these positive aspects of salt water, many people have come to the conclusion that saltwater pools can be as easy to maintain as a pool with a fresh water cleaning system. A salt water cleaning system has advantages that include relatively low maintenance, fewer chemicals, comfortable soft water, and cost effectiveness. Long Island Pool Company installs and services salt water swimming pools anywhere on Long Island, New York including the Hamptons, Easthampton, Southampton, West Hampton, Greenport, Shelter Island, Jamesport, Mattituck, Sayville, Islip, Freeport, Brookville, Garden City, Kings Point, Oyster Bays, Dix Hills, Oyster Bay, Woodbury, Huntington, Port Washington, Queens, Brooklyn, and all points in between !


long island new york salt water cleaning systems for swimming pools

Salt Water Cleaning Systems For Swimming Pools


Saltwater Pools Require Require Less Maintenance

Saltwater swimming pool owners often have many good things to say about the system’s chlorine generator because it has a self cleaning capability which keeps it almost completely free of maintenance. The chlorine generator adds a set amount of salt to the swimming pools water, and it then converts into chlorine. Because the cleaning process of the water occurs automatically, pool owners do not need to manually work on keeping the water at a certain ph or alkaline level either. Salt water cleaning systems in pools use a much lower amount of chemical additvies, and swimmers will typically notice the change in water chemistry. Pool owners who have salt water cleaning systems do not need to keep the chemicals around the house or surrounding areas and this eliminates the strong smell and potential hazard of chlorine and shock from wherever it may have been previously stored.

Salt Water Cleaning Systems Make Financial Sense


While the installation and start up costs of a saltwater pool system may be prohibitive to some swimming pool owners, the initial upfront investment is small in compared to the long term savings. The total costs of maintenance, chemicals, and visits by pool technicians are much lower. Fair estimates in the pool industry place the maintenance and supply costs of a salt water cleaning system at less than half of the cost of a chlorine treated swimming pool.

How to Take Care of a Saltwater Pool


Although salt cleaning systems for swimming pool water require much less maintenance than those that are sanitized by chlorine, pool owners will still need to pay attention to several potential saltwater pool problems. Of primary concern is the fact that excessive chlorine will ruin the heat exchange component in a saltwater pool heater if it is left unchecked or uncleaned. Next in level of concern is the fact that calcium can collect on the surface of the water, particularly in pools that have plaster walls and bottoms. Also of significant importance when it comes to maintenance of a salt water pool is that rain can dilute the salt concentration, although salt levels can be easily tested and compensated for.


salt water cleaning systems for swimming pools

Salt Water Cleaning Systems For Swimming Pools Long Island New York


Maintenance Tips For Salt Water Pools

Salt water swimming pool cleaning systems have indication lights that alert pool owners when it is time to change salt levels. Saltwater pool owners should test the water for salt concentration levels on a regular basis. The level of salt concentration for most salt water pools should be between 2,400 and 2,800 parts per million. Since chlorination of the pool is derived from the salt, salt levels that fall below 2,400 ppm may cause unhealthy bacteria or algae to grow in the pool. While many pool and chlorination system manufacturers recommend simply pouring the salt into the deep end of a pool, be sure to carefully read the instructions on the labels of any saltwater pool product before simply putting salt into a pool. The most crucial saltwater pool maintenance pointer, though, is that only pool care products which are made for saltwater pools should ever be used. Chlorine pool care products are not as effective in a saltwater environment and can cause problems for the salt water cleaning system.

Salt Water Swimming Pools Are Known To Be Very Comfortable

People who have swum in chlorinated pools for years immediately notice the soft comfortable sensation when they begin to swim in a salt water treated pool. Salt is more gentle on the skin, even good for it in some ways, and it does not cause the irritations of skin or the stinging of eyes that many swimmers experience from chlorinated swimming pools. Recent polling by Pool and Spa magazine confirm that comfortability is the most popular characteristic of saltwater pools. Although saltwater pools do require a larger initial investment in the purchase and installation cost than chlorine systems, most saltwater pool owners recoup their initial investment because they spend much less money on pool cleaning products and professional servicing. The soft and comfortable feel of saltwater is probably the main reason that most people have converted their chlorinated pools to saltwater pools. Long Island Pool Company installs and services salt water pools and cleaning systems anywhere on Long Island New York from Montauk, Sag Harbor, Bridgehampton, West Hampton, Hapmpton Bays, Jamesport, Port Jefferson, and Northport, to Port Washington, Manhasset, Glen Cove, Lloyd Harbor, Brooklyn, Queens, and all points in between. Contact us any time if you have questions or if you would like a free estimate. (631) 276 – 1800   long island pool company

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