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Long Island NY Pool Heating Company

Long Island NY Pool Heating Company


The Long Island Pool company specializes in servicing and installing heat pumps of all types to Long Island New York. Our swimming pool water heating technicians are trained, experienced, and certified, in all types of pool water heating equipment types. We service and install gas heaters for swimming pools anywhere on Long Island, New York, but we also service, maintain, and install gas powered swimming pools, and solar powered swimming pool heaters. Long Island Pool company services and installs pool heaters in Northport, Dix Hills, Woodbury, Huntington, Syosset, Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, Lloyd Harbor, Port Washington, Brookville, Manhasset, Easthampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Sayville, Brooklyn, Queens, and anywhere else on Long Island, New York. When it comes to heating your swimming pool to maximize your enjoyment of it, we know which heating systems are the most affordable and effective in terms of how much energy they consume.

In many cases we recommend that you use a natural gas or propane heater, because they are very effective for the money. Solar can be a good adjunct heat source for your swimming pool, but in many cases it won’t keep the pool as warm as you want without many solar panels. Our team of experienced swimming pool heating system experts will make a recommendation based on your homes current heating system and the swimming pool that you have or are planning to install. Heat pumps that use natural gas or propane heat the pool fast, and can keep it as warm as you want for a fairly decent price. Our swimming pool technicians have been trained by the major manufacturers of heating systems, including Hayward, AquaCal, Aqua Pro, Jandy, and others. Please contact us at any time for a free heating system consultation and pricing quote.                     (631)  392 – 6309


Maintaining a warm and optimal swimming pool temperature is crucial if you really want to enjoy your pool in any weather, or at any time of year. If you happen to live in a warm tropical climate where the temperature averages around seventy degrees, you may not need a pool heating system, but for those of us living in warmer climates, we typically have to invest in a swimming pool heater. In addition, a swimming pool heater will allow us to prolong the swimming season and to continually provide swimmers with warm and enjoyable water. Nonetheless, as is the case with any pool equipment, there are expenses when it comes to pool heaters and most people would like to get the highest quality and most cost efficient system installed and serviced at the best price. If a heating system is too small, has inferior equipment in place, or the pumps have the wrong sized capacity for your pool, your pool won’t stay warm at an effective price. Long Island Pool company has installation technicians and customer services representatives that know which heating systems will get the job done with the most efficient use of the energy source that is right for you and your pool.


Heat Pump Pool Heaters Are Efficient

Hayward Easy Temp Heat Pump

Heat pump swimming pool heater systems are one of the most price efficient pool heating solutions available today. While the initial purchase cost for heat pump heating systems can be somewhat expensive, they are very energy efficient, can pay for themselves over time, and the current models use new high efficiency components. A heat pump system utilizes a combination of solar energy and electricity to warm a pools water considerably.

Heat pump swimming pool heaters are electrically powered, but while they require electricity to run, they also use solar heating. Heat pump pool heaters use heat from the surrounding air of the location, and the units air compressor warms that air further before converting it to the pool water. Heat pump pool heating systems will effectively heat a swimming pool even when the sun is not shining. Heat pump pool water heaters do need periodic maintenance to the internal parts but will generally last for at least six to 12 years.


Gas Pool Heaters Work Well


Jandy LRZ Legacy Natural Gas Heaters

Natural Gas or propane swimming pool heating systems for in ground swimming pools are not dependent upon the suns heat and can raise the temperature of a swimming pools water any time of day or in any season. Gas powered swimming pool heaters provide fast water heating and they can raise the temperature of a swimming pools water by between four to eight degrees in as short a time as several hours. Gas pool heaters are especially suitable for pools that need to be heated on a regular basis, but in a fairly brief period of time, such as those swimming pools that are only used periodically on weekends or during vacations.

Some of the benefits of gas heating systems and heat pump pool heaters include:

  • The are highly efficiency
  • They are clean burning and very safe
  • Gas heaters are durable and long lasting
  • Gas and heat pump systems are easy to operate
  • Gas and heat pump water heaters are cost efficient


Long Island Pool Company Is Here To Serve You

At Long Island Pool, we only recommend the highest quality and most efficient swimming pool heating systems. We work with the top manufacturers of swimming pool heaters, and we get special dealer pricing in many cases which we can pass on to you. Every swimming pool owner wants to enjoy their swimming pool as much as possible, and perhaps the best way to do that is to extend the swimming season as long as possible with a new pool heating systems.  Swimming pool heating systems raise and maintain water temperatures to such a warm and comfortable degree, that you and the kids will likely spend much more time in the pool.  Long Island Pool Company serves all of Long Island, New York, and we are happy to service your swimming pool whether you are in the Hamptons, Montauk, North Port, Port Jefferson, Long Beach, Brookville, Lloyd Harbor, Huntington, Brooklyn, or Queens. Please contact us if you have questions about which swimming pool heater might be best for you, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation an appointment for a free estimate.  (631)  392 – 6309




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