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Long Island Gunite Marble Dusting by Long Island Pool Company is the fastest and most affordable way to restore your gunite swimming pool to it’s best appearance and condition for swimming. Gunite swimming pool onwers can have their pools and spas professionally restored and brought up to a new level of beauty and performance at a very affordable price when they work with Long Island Pool Company to get their gunite pool marble dusted or acid washed. Our certified and professionally trained marble dusting and acid washing professionals are highly experienced and will have your gunite swimming pool looking like it was sparkling brand new again. We serve all of Long Island, New York when it comes to the marble dusting and acid washing of gunite swimming pools, and we have performed our gunite pool restoration process in East Hampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Bridgehampton, Port Jefferson, Huntington, Oyster Bay, Brookville, Port Washington, Glen Cove, Woodbury, Long Beach, Brooklyn, and Queens. Please contact us at any time if you have questions, or are ready for a pricing quote.  (631)  392 – 6309


The Marble Dust Restoration Process     

A gunite swimming pool needs to be empty of water or other liquids and dry before marble dust can be applied. The marble dust application should be done on days that are dry and free of rain or other moisture such as fog or mist. By planning the marble dust work on days that are free of rain, fog, or mist, the job will be able to move forward smoothly without any delay or problem. Workers who are applying the marble dust mix must wear safety gear such as goggles and clothing that limits exposure to the marble dust itself, particularly to avoid breathing the dust in at any time.

The old plaster must be removed and cleaned off of the old surface area of the pool very thoroughly. Debris or old plaster may become air born and fly or spray toward the worker who is removing it, so the goggles should be on tight to prevent any of the chips and particles from flying into the eyes of those doing the work. The old plaster in pool must be removed by using a jackhammer that has a flat edge piece attachment on the end. The jackhammers flat edge attachment is used to break apart the gunite, concrete, or old marble dust, depending on how it was applied and how far down the layer must be removed in order to apply new marble dust aggregate mixture.

All of the old plaster and marble dust layers must be removed by shoveling them into a wheelbarrow or other containers and properly disposing of this waste. The pool should be washed down with a spray container then, which is filled with a three to one mixture of muriatic acid and water. This 3:1 ratio of acid water will normally suffice to clean the inside walls and bottom of the pool itself.
The acid solution should then be removed with an industrial sized mop and buckets. The acid wash and moping will ensure that the the pool is clean of any dirt or other residue and ready for the marble dusting plaster aggregate mixture to properly adhere to the inside of the gunite swimming pool. 

Marble Dusting Of Gunite Pools Is A Process That Requires Meticulous Care

A plaster mixing machine wil be placed near the edge of the swimming pool for quick and ready access to the marble dusting mixture. The plaster cement is then placed in the mixer with the marble dust sand according the required ratio of amounts recommended by the manufacturer of the material into the plaster mixer. The amount of plaster mix required will depend on the size of the swimming pool. Shoes with spikes should be worn by all workers in most cases and any assistants should also do the same. When applying the marble dust, it is critical to work quickly when spreading the new marble dust compound as it will harden quickly and become difficult to smooth out. Once the plaster mixer is turned on, the marble dust mix can be poured into the gunite pool after it has appropriately been mixed. Workers should then spread the mixture to cover the entire surface of the pool. Plaster trowels will normally work best for the spreading of the marble dust mixture evenly throughout the pool.

Workers should concentrate on ensuring that any large voids or cracks are completely filled in as much as possible. The  first layer of marble dust compound must dry according to the specifications of the manufacturer. One way that it can be determined if the surface is suitably dry is to test the hardness with a plaster trowel and see if there is any sticking, or if it has reached maximum hardness. Experience with marble dust plaster also lets one know if it is ready, since applying a finishing layer too soon can be a mistake that is irretrievable. While a finishing, or scratch coat layer is not always recommended, in many cases it can be beneficial. Once it has become thoroughly dry, the water may be added to the pool once again and it will be ready for swimming enjoyment.


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Fresh Marble Dusting Restores Gunite Pools To A Beautiful State


A Fresh Marble Dusting Will Prolong The Life Of Your Gunite Swimming Pool

Maintaining a gunite pool carefully is very important because if the ph levels and the chlorine levels aren’t kept at appropriate levels, the marble dust plaster that covers the inside of the pool can corrode and wear away quickly. For this reason, it is important for gunite pool owners to try and be knowledgeable about the chemicals that go into the pool, whether it is a salt water chlorine cleaning system or otherwise. After about eight to ten years of even excellent maintenance, a gunite pool will ususaly require a fresh marble dusting treatment. When it is definitely time for a marble dusting restoration, the walls of the pool will be very rough, and the concrete will be prevalent as the surface area. The pool may even be losing a certain amount of water when it is time for a fresh marble dusting treatment, since the walls of the pool will become somewhat porous.

The average gunite swimming pool has plaster that is no less than 3/8 of an inch in thickness. To get this thickness, a thickness of plaster must be troweled over the gunite. The plaster will give a smooth finish to the pool walls and bottom area. If the ph and chlorine levels of the pools water have not been kept balanced or maintained at a steady level over time, the surface areas will become rough and calcium will build up on the surface area of the pool. This can then in turn permit algae to grow along the surface areas of the walls and floor of a gunite swimming pool. We serve all of Long Island and can take a look at your swimming pool in a matter of minutes if you are in Kings Point, Rosyln, Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, Hutnington, Brookville, the Hamptons, East Hampton, Westhampton, Southampton, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, Greenport, or any points in between. If you think that your gunite swimming pool is ready for an acid wash or a marble dusting treatment, and you are located anywhere on Long Island, New York, feel free to contact us for an obligation free consultation and pricing quote.                          (631)  392 – 6309



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