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The Long Island Pool Company serves all of Long Island New York.   The end of the summer and the end of the swimming pool season always comes with a little sense of the loss of the fun and the good times.  Memories of friends and family playing and relaxing by the pool are soon just that and no one can wait for the swimming season again next year. When it comes to closing your swimming pool, we take pride in doing the best job on every job.  We service all of Long Island New York, but we can be in Northport, Melville, Hauppauge, Fort Salonga, Dix Hills, Huntington, Farmingville, Farmingdale, Syosset, Huntington, Centerport, Woodbury, Westbury, Islip, Deer Park, East Northport, the Hamptons, Glen Cove, Glen Head, and everywhere else on Long Island in a very short time.  In many cases, we offer same day service !

You can look forward to another wonderful summer of swimming in your pool and you won’t have to worry about having any damage or problems occurring  with your pool as a result of a harsh winter when you ask us to close your pool. While we have equipment bases in Hampton Bays, Oyster Bay,  and East Northport, we service all of Long Island including but not limited to Brookville, Kings Park, East Hampton, Southampton, Bridgehampton,  Sag Harbor, Jamesport, Port Jefferson, Wading River, Smithtown, Huntington, Woodbury, Jericho, Commack, Fort Salonga, Centerport, Fort Salonga, Greenlawn, Great Neck, Sands Point, Lloyd Harbor, Port Washington, and everywhere else on Long Island that has swimming pools !

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Taking the right steps to close a pool will assure that it can be opened free of damage and ready to prepare for swimming the following year. The swimming pool pros  at Long Island Pool stand out among pool companies that offer pool closings because we keep our we communicate with our customers about what needs to be done.  The most important reason for winterizing a swimming pool is to remove the water and keep out the moisture that can break or destroy pumps, water lines, filters and other components.


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A professional swimming pool closing makes everything easier next years !


Many people prefer to utilize a professional pool closing service company, but for those who like to do it themselves, we have placed the steps of  a proper closing for you here.

Long Island Swimming Pool Closings 

From Glen Cove to the Hamptons, the Long Island Pool Company wants to earn your thankful appreciation on every swimming pool closing that we perform.  Whether you are in Huntington, Hauppauge, Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Ridge, Manorville, Syosset, Massapequa, Bethpage, or anywhere else on Long Island, when it comes to pool closings, we are here for you.

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Swimming Pool Closing Service For Northport, Fort Salonga, Kings Park, and everywhere else on Long Island !!!

The Steps To A Successful Pool Closing

1.  Balancing the water chemistry is one of the first things to do when closing a pool.  Alkalinity, ph, and hardness should all be properly balanced. When the water is properly balanced their is a lower chance of water freezing or damaging the pool due to residue buildup.  Keeping the water from freezing ensures that your pool won’t suffer from the pressure and breakage that the expansion of frozen water creates.

2.  Freezing water will expand and can damage the components of a pool including the walls, the plumbing, or the filtration system.  For this reason extra chemicals should be added and the pump should be removed. This is true for most climates, including Florida.  The Long Island Pool Company has been closing swimming pools in Northport, Syosset, Manhasset, Levitown, Huntington, Dix Hills, Woodbury, Malvern, Brookville, East Northport, Kings Park, Oyster Bay, Southampton, Westhampton, the North Fork, Garden City, and everywhere else on Long Island for over thirty five years.

3.The water should be lowered to a level that is slightly below the mouth of your skimmer boxes. By removing the water from the skimmer boxes, you are avoiding any freezing or potential cracking within the boxes and the connecting pipes.

4.  We recommend the use of an Aquador at the mouth of the skimmer boxes. The Aquador is a usually a plastic piece that acts like a damn for the skimmer boxes, keeping excess water out during the long winter. It also helps to keep the off of the water and the pools liner from getting any excess water between it and the walls of the pool.

5.  It is important to blow out any water that may be remaining in the plumbing lines.  This can be done with either a shop vac, a leaf blower, or an air compressor. Use the discharge of the shop vac to blow water out of each line from the filter system. Each line should be plugged after you have blown the water from it. A threaded plug is the best fitting for keeping the lines moisture free. Also, be sure to use a plug with a rubber gasket or “O” ring. This creates a seal, so that the water will not fill the line back up. It is also possible to buy specially made “freeze plugs”, and we recommend using these if you do not have the threaded fittings for your plugs.

6.  All of the filter components need to be drained also. Most filters have a plug underneath the base of the unit. If there is an air relief valve at the top of the filter, be sure to open it. Remove the pressure gauge and then turn the multiport valve to the “winterize” position.  Now it is time to completely drain the pump. In some cases there may be two plugs. After the pump is completely drained, you can turn it on for a brief second to get the water out of the veins of the impeller. Do not run the pump more than a second or two because you can burn out the seal very quickly.

7. You should have let the chemicals (chlorine/bromine tablets) run out of your feeder so that no chemicals are left in it. Leaving chemicals in your feeder over the winter can cause damage to it and other equipment.

You will now be able to drain your chemical feeder and automatic cleaner pump, heater, and any other filter equipment that has water in it.

If you put all the plugs that you have removed into the pump strainer basket, they will be easily found in the spring.

It is a good idea to take the pressure gauge inside for the winter because water collects in its tube which can freeze and cause breakage.

You should cover your pool to keep out the debris. The type of cover you use will depend upon several factors.
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***   Conditions apply to $ 250. swimming pool closing service special pricing.  Prices may be higher for larger pools, pools with heating systems, salt water pools, multiple pumps, pools in outer lying areas, pools with hot tubs, and other possible circumstances.